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What kind of sod should I use? Our main focus is on providing top quality Kentucky Bluegrass sod in small and big rolls. We have selected only premium quality "Gold Tag" seeds and combined them to make a superior quality Kentucky Bluegrass we call "Ultra-Blue". These varieties have been selected by our experts due to their dense growth and dark colour, as well as their drought resistant qualities and superior durability.

When is the best time of year to put down sod? Turf grass sod can be installed at almost any time of the year, although a summer installation will require more watering.

Where do you deliver your turf? We deliver throughout the Greater Montreal area. You can also buy smaller orders directly from us or from area nurseries.

What is your minimum for delivery? 600 square feet depending on the area. If you only need a few rolls or some seed, you can always come to Gazonnière Alexander to pick these up..

How far in advance should I place an order? As soon as possible in order to prepare the right quantity of grass.

How long do I have to install my turf after it is delivered? In the heat of summer, turf needs to be installed right away. In the cooler spring and fall months, you have up to 24 hours.

I have a fence; will this make delivering sod difficult? We need 9 feet wide and 10 feet high to pass. The ground should also be very solid.

On what type of soil does sod grow best? A garden type soil that is rich in nutrients and contains the least amount of sand as filler.

Can I install the sod myself? It's easy to install your own sod, but it's heavy and the help of extra hands will make for easier work.

How long will it take to install 4000 square feet of sod with three guys? Generally speaking, in an open area that does not require a lot of trimming, three people can install 4000 square feet in about 3-4 hours. Circular or triangular areas will take more time.

How do I choose: sod or seed? Please visit our Sod vs. Seed page for a complete comparison.

How should I address thin or dead areas of the lawn? We provide small rolls of sod (10 square feet each) that are ideal for cutting and patching difficult areas of your lawn.

How much sod will fit in the back of a pick-up truck? In an average pick-up truck bed you should be able to fit 400 to 600 square feet.

How should I look after the newly installed turf? Newly installed sod should be watered until the sod roll is saturated. To know when it has reached this point we lift up a few corners of different sod rolls and check the earth underneath. If your newly installed grass starts to yellow in certain sections it is usually a lack of moisture. As a rule of thumb when you are watering, take an ordinary glass and place it where it is catching the average amount of water coming out of the sprinkler. Calculate how much time it takes to fill one inch of water in the bottom of the glass i.e. 30 minutes. You then know that every area of your lawn needs to be watered every day for 30 minutes and this should be done for at least two weeks. If you need any more information on watering do not hesitate to call us.

When can I first cut my new turf? New turf grass will take from 10 to 14 days to set down roots, after which time you can do a first cutting. The turf should be dry and you should set your mower to the highest setting, not trimming more than one-third of the grass height in a single mowing.

What are the best ways of caring for a lawn? Please visit our Caring for Your Lawn page.

When should I consider the use of big rolls? Big rolls are usually only used on large projects and are not of much use for most homes and other small projects. They are usually used for golf courses, sports fields and other large projects that do not have very many obstacles.

Do you sell the same seed to customers that you use in your sod? Yes. You can visit us at our operations in Terrebonne, Quebec to buy our seed.


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