Grass vs. Seed: how to decide?

Good quality grass and seed are both strong options for a healthy, attractive lawn, but grass, while more expensive, is the faster option every time.


The majority of our customers opt for sod rolls, which provide attractive, healthy and immediate coverage. Sod rolls offer the benefits of mature, hardened grass plants which will be ready for high traffic immediately following installation.

Additional benefits include:

  • greater weed resistance thanks to a pre-existing thick, lush bed of grass;
  • uniform density;
  • issues related to soil erosion are greatly reduced;
  • a nicely landscaped yard will add 10 to 15% to the value of your home.


When budget is a factor or if time is not an issue, grass seed offers another option to consider. Seeding a new lawn requires no special skills or equipment and large areas can be covered relatively quickly. It will take years of attention to nurture a seeded lawn to maturity.


Did you know...

Did you know that your lawn will increase the value of you home?

Having a nice lanscape contributes in the general appearance of your property and brings an added value when selling your home.

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