At Gazonnière Alexander
We offer a premium quality grass, 100% from Quebec.

Alexander Sod Farms is a full service sod farm providing quality turf for lawns of all sizes.

We also have garden and landscaping items that are available for pick-up in bulk, including top soils, gravel and river stone.

We serve small or big rolls to golf courses, landscape contractors, private homeowners and municipalities throughout the Greater Montreal area.

Small roll
2 feet wide x 5 feet long = 10 square feet

Big rolls
42 inches wide x 100 feet long = 350 square feet; OR
42 inches wide X 85 feet long = 300 square feet

We have selected only premium quality "Gold Tag" seeds and combined them to make a superior quality Kentucky Bluegrass we call "Ultra- Blue". These varieties have been selected by our experts due to their dense growth and dark colour. The Gold Tag seeds our professionals have selected are also disease and drought resistant and have an exceptional durability against foot traffic.

Preparing for your new lawn

There are a few key steps to consider before installing a new lawn:

1. Do you have an old lawn to remove first? If you do, you can consider removing it yourself and preparing the ground for the new lawn.

2. If you're hoping to find someone to do the heavy work for you, we're happy to offer guidance.Just give us a call

3. Next, you'll need to figure out how much sod to order. Use our handy sod calculator for this purpose or contact us for assistance.

4. Before placing your order, you may also find our FAQs useful.