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mini carriere terrebonne rive nord

Mini quarry products available in bulk

Visit our mini quarry!

For several years now, we have offered several bulk products available to our customers.

Come meet us and we will help you getting what you need for smaller projects, be it a couple of sod rolls to fix up the back yard, a bit of black earth for your flowers, or some gravel to fill in a pathway. All of the following products are sold by the cubic yard.


in bulk

Sold by cubic yard

Topsoil that meets the requirements of the city of Montreal
0-3/4 gravel
3/4 clean gravel
Screening gravel
River stone 7/8" to 1½"

Would you like to know more? Contact us! We will be happy to give you additional information on these products as well as on the application steps to help you obtain better results.

Contact U.S

We have dealt with many sod producers over the years, but after we started doing business with Gazonniere Alexander there was no need to look any further. Their attention to producing top quality turf grass as well as providing exceptional service has made them an industry leader. Their sod is always freshly cut and the whole team is friendly and very professional. It is a pleasure doing business with them. 

Joe Valentini, Valbo


What our customers say

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